Basic Research for the Development of Product Prototypes made from Non-woven Materials Bound with Natural Materials

As application fields for this material, wall panels and mouldable bio-composites (e.g. packaging) were demonstrated. The aim was to develop prototypes for these application opportunities and to verify them. This project aimed to answer the following questions: • What is the ideal mixture of raw materials? • What conditions are needed for the applications? • Which process parameters allow a constant quality in the non-woven production? • How can the customer demands on wall panels be satisfied with the non-woven material? • What kinds of moulded packaging can be created and how do they have to be designed? • Do the prototypes meet the technical and legal regulations?

2005–06; WK Naturfaser Technologie GmbH, Trennwandsysteme Scheicher, Zuckerforschung Tulln Ges.m.b.H., Höfer Ges.m.b.H & Co.KG, FEX ÖKO-Faserverarbeitungs-GmbH, Verpackungszentrum Graz, FH Salzburg, Studiengang Design & Produktmanagement, PE Design, Spezialmaschinen Dr. Otto Angleitner Ges.m.b.H & Co.KG.,

bmvit, Fabrik der Zukunft