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  • Renew Building – Kompetenzaufbau und Wissenstransfer für Klima schonende Sanierung mit ökologischen und nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Renew Building – Demonstration and Dissemination of Climate and Environmental Friendly Renovation and Building with Renewable Resources and Ecological Materials

This project set a straight strategy for climate protection through ecologically efficient renovation and restoration of buildings. During the 3 years of the project, planning architects, craftsmen and stakeholders alike were trained by experts. The comprehensive module-based teaching included practical demonstration at apprenticeship sites and a constantly updated online knowledge base.

2010–14; Beziehungsmanagement Austria KEG; TU Wien Institut für Hochbau und Technologie; Raiffeisen-Leasing GmbH

EU LIFE; bmvit, Haus der Zukunft; Kommunalkredit – UFI