S-HOUSE – Innovative Use of Renewable Resources Demonstrated with an Office and Exhibition Building

With the S-House, the Factor 10 concept was implemented. It means that the consumption of resources during the construction was reduced by 90%, i.e. only a tenth part of the resources was used in comparison to an equivalent building built in conventional construction methods. The Factor 10 was achieved by using building materials derived from renewable raw materials and the passive house technology.

2001–2005; Architekten Scheicher ZT; Florian Hager Holzbau GesmbH; Auro Naturfarben GmbH; BG Graspointner GmbH & Co. KG; Elektrounternehmen Sänze gmbH & Co. KG; Alois Scheicher GesmbH;

EU LIFE; bmvit, Haus der Zukunft; Land NÖ