Zero CO2 Cooler – the Fridge with Hot Water Connection

This project aimed at developing an alternative cooling and refrigerating device that is based on thermal cooling and thus avoids the conversion losses that usually occur when using thermal energy to produce electric energy which is then again used to provide thermal services. The cooling technology used for the Zero CO2 Cooler project was the so-called “Icebook” of the project partner SolarFrost. It is an ammonia-water absorption cooling machine that runs on a lower temperature level (hot water) than conventional absorption cooling machines. The construction principle and the shape of the Icebook differ from other machines as well. The project further developed this technology in the direction of using it for household devices.

2010–13; SolarFrost Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH; EUDORA/ADL Dienstleistung und Systemvertrieb für Elektrogeräte GmbH

bmvit, Neue Energien 2020, Klima und Energiefonds