• Global 100 Eco Tech Award, Expo 2005 (Japan, 2005)

Global 100 Eco Tech Award, Expo 2005

The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition and Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. have organized the Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards program which commends 100 global environmental technologies that contributes significantly to the resolution of global environmental problems and to the creation of a sustainable future. Dr. Jiro Kondo, professor emeritus of The University of Tokyo, selected 100 environmental technologies among 236 technology nominees which were proposed by the Expo 2005 official participants including foreign governments and international organizations, Japanese local governments and the screening committee members, based on the following criteria: 

1) Extent of contribution to resolution of global environmental problems and realization of a sustainable future 
2) Novelty appropriate to society in the 21st century 
3) Universality that makes the technology useful in different societies 

Under the Expo2005 theme of “Wisdom of Nature” “Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards” aims first to strongly push the roles and potential of the technologies that can make real this coexistence of humankind and Earth, and second to popularize global environment technology and promote research and development. The awards will help uncover and give praise to the global environment technologies that are contributing to our world. 

The number of award-winning technologies: 100

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