Robert Wimmer, Dr. Dipl.-Ing.

Managing Director/Senior Technical Expert

Robert Wimmer has been the President of GrAT since 1986. He has been devoted to transforming the ethical challenge of sustainable development into operational steps, and to initiating und realizing examples of sustainable technology applications in different regions in the world. With his knowledge and skills in a broad range of topics, such as process- and mechanical-engineering, design, and biological and chemical applications, he develops and implements innovative technical solutions. Policy instruments, service solutions, and social innovation are also his achievements over the last decades.

He gave lectures to under/graduate students in a number of universities, e.g. Nagoya Institute of Technology and Tohoku University in Japan, Korea Advanced Institute of Technology in Korea, University for Applied Science in Salzburg and Wiener Neustadt, in Austria, and TU Wien. He was also invited to conferences and symposiums as a keynote speaker, panel member, and a chairperson.