Highlights from FdZ – Highlights from the Factory of the Future presented on www.nawaro.com

One way to face climate change and the dependency on fossil resources is to utilise renewable resources (“Nachwachsende Rohstoffe” – “Nawaro”) like wood, corn or reed for material production. These renewable raw materials are sufficiently available and store CO2 not only during their growth, but also after being processed. The possible applications of renewable resources for building and material production are still known too little. It is common knowledge that wood can be used as an ecological building material, but there are much more ways to utilise wood and other plant fibres, for example in the production of plastic-like materials. Especially consumers and end-users should be informed more about everyday products and building materials made of renewable resources because it is not until then that an increasing amount of ecological products will be in demand. It is this kind of information that the website www.nawaro.com intends to offer. The website is split up into the “Infoknoten für Baustoffe” (information-point for building materials) and the “Infopool für Bio-Werkstoffe” (information-point for bio-based materials). The latter has been expanded during this project in order to disseminate new research projects and products in the fields of biopolymers, composites and building materials. Especially end-users were targeted in this project.

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