Life Cycle Habitation – Demonstration Project with Carbon Neutral Construction and Innovative Energy Supply System

The aim of the “LCH” project is to demonstrate innovative building concepts and to reduce CO2 emissions as well as resource and energy consumption over the entire life cycle of a building. Prototypes of buildings – some residential units and a community centre – are going to be built in Böheimkirchen, Lower Austria to demonstrate highly resource- and energy-efficient buildings and living standards of tomorrow in accordance with the EU 2020 objectives. The buildings will be insulated with straw bales, and different innovative construction methods (e.g. load-bearing and prefabricated modular construction) will be applied. Utilisation of renewable energy will be maximised, and recycling of the materials is considered from the design phase. Thus, LCH is going to be CO2 neutral over its entire life cycle.

2014–ongoing; teamgmi Ingenieurbüro GmbH

EU Life+; Kommunalkredit UFI