Renovating with renewable raw materials – demonstration project on waste prevention and circular flow management

In the SANARO project, renewable raw materials and ecological building materials are used to renovate buildings in an innovative way – from the roof to the walls and the surfaces. Both, newly developed and traditional but now forgotten craft techniques and materials are used.
The original status of the buildings to be renovated is assessed to ensure a holistic renovation concept. The renovation concept includes ecological, technical, economic and design aspects. From an ecological point of view, it is important to preserve as much of the existing building fabric as possible and to use renovation measures in a targeted manner. Another decisive point of the renovation concept is to use only raw materials from the region (short transport distances) and renewable materials (saving packaging waste, avoiding construction site waste) and to pay attention to economical construction site logistics.
Implementation of low-waste, climate-friendly and energy-efficient renovation of two demonstration buildings:
1) Agricultural outbuilding – conversion of storage building into workshop/laboratory, use of Nawaro insulation materials for energy refurbishment, reuse of building materials.
2) Old residential building – conversion of an old vacant residential building for living and office use – reuse – renovation of windows and doors, old bricks – replacement of products with services, diffusion-open insulation with Nawaro insulation materials and lime and clay plasters

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