Zero Carbon Resorts – Building Energy Autonomous Resorts Creating Appropriate Technology Solutions

The Zero Carbon Resort was a 4-year project meant to trigger a switch from fossil fuel to the use of renewable energy sources at SME companies in the tourism industry such as hotels, resorts and restaurants located in the area of Palawan in the Philippines. Especially with the use of solar energy and the introduction of green technologies, the carbon footprint of the tourism industry was significantly reduced. A demonstration building was built with bamboo and other renewable and local materials. It also showcases a number of energy-efficient technologies.

The application of the ZCR method in the Philippines has led to annual savings of PHP 241,878,143.41, which includes savings of 17,712,976.20 kWh of energy; 1,776,733.73 L of fuel and 476,824,036.43 L of water. The carbon emissions avoided amount to 11,860,373.72 kg CO2 which can offset the emissions of 5,640 cars in Manila. Reasons for these significant improvements were alternative ways to achieve thermal comfort, identification and elimination of energy and resource wastage and a smart realisation of energy services.

2009–14; ASSIST – Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation; PCSD – Palawan Council for Sustainable Development; CIEMAT – Centro de Investigaciones Energeticas

EU EuropeAid; SWITCH Asia